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Reducing Risk with Vertical Integration

A success story demonstrating how our businesses work together to produce technically-challenging, precision components and devices for our customers.

Minimize Your Profile and Maximize Your Pull Strength

A variety of design variables can impact the overall profile and strength of your pull wire system. We’ll help you better understand your options, so you can make informed decisions for your project.

Development and Distribution of a Finished Medical Device

In this success story, we demonstrate how JunoPacific has partnered and grown with our customer from the design and development phases of their device to the high-volume production they maintain today.

Design for Additive Manufacturing

To realize the full benefits of additive manufacturing during all phases of production, it is important to incorporate design for additive manufacturing (DFAM) early in the design process. Optimize your design and manufacturing processes with these tips.


Featured Articles

Furthering Orthopedic Implant Fabrication Methods

Cretex Medical | rms's Additive Manufacturing Engineer, Sloan Volkman, was featured in ODT Magazine. Developers and manufacturers of implants have added new tools to their belts to create orthopedic technologies using innovative techniques.

Cretex Companies, Inc. Plastic Recycling Program Secures Bench for Local Elementary School

In 2023, Cretex Medical employees at the Brooklyn Park facility began participating in a program that recycled film plastics through the NexTrex program, which converts these plastics into material for building eco-friendly outdoor products.

Molding Is Taking Its Place in Orthopedic Device Manufacturing

Even with some orthopedic device companies taking a more cautious approach toward R&D, the orthopedic industry remains busy by improving their legacy devices, developing new products, and investing in technology and R&D. Key to much of this steady innovation is the process of injection molding. Jim Biggs, director of NPI Technical Solutions at Cretex Medical | CDT, was featured in Orthopedic Design & Technology magazine.

Abbott Electrophysiology Leaders Highlight Current Portfolio, Give Glimpse of Potential PFA Device

Cretex Medical sponsored this AbbottTalks episode where Abbott Cardiovascular’s leaders, Christopher Piorkowski, MD, DVP and Chief Medical Officer, Electrophysiology, and Dan Kaiser, DVP of Product Development, Electrophysiology, delve into the vast landscape of electrophysiology and the comprehensive approach Abbott is taking towards atrial fibrillation (AFib) treatment.

Orthopedic Instrument Manufacturers Are Developing Surgical Support

Surgical instrument design, material selection, and manufacturing are trending toward more complex, multifunctional instruments that help surgeons perform procedures more efficiently, reducing risk to the patient and improving surgical outcomes. Granger Lubich, Engineering Manager for rms Company's Instruments business unit was featured in Orthopedic Design & Technology magazine.

Overkilling Uncertainty, New TIR Seeks Clarity for Interpreting Bioburden Data

When companies are testing a medical device’s bioburden, they might question how exact their results should be or what to do if the numbers seem off. QTS’s Cleaning & Sterilization team was featured in AAMI Array magazine.

Leveraging Automation to Improve Inspection Quality—An Orthopedic Innovators Q&A

Automated solutions have continued to improve and have achieved a level that can exceed the capabilities of human labor. Nick Loxtercamp, Engineering Manager, Orthopedics and Luke Bastiansen, Quality Manager, Orthopedics for rms Company were featured in Orthopedic Design & Technology magazine.

Women in MedTech: Lauren Roy

Through dedication, performance, and nine years at Cretex Medical, Lauren Roy has progressed from Quality Intern to Senior Quality Engineer. Lauren was featured in Medical Design & Outsourcing: Women in Medtech.

Considerations for Bringing Neurostim Innovations to Market—A Medtech Makers Q&A

As alternatives to pharmaceuticals, neurodevices can provide benefits without the side effects for those who require them. Jim Biggs, Director of NPI Technical Solutions at Cretex Medical, was featured in Medical Product Outsourcing magazine.

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